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How we got here.

Since April 2019, we significantly pivoted, or how we like to put it: UPGRADED, our original rideshare aggregation concept. 

Roady has become an all-inclusive social calendar on a mission to make it easier for you and your friends to create and share experiences. Why should your work calendar get all the attention? It shouldn’t – Roady is leveling out the playing field and providing a calendar for your social life. 

How did we get here you might ask?? Well, I was planning a bachelorette party, girls night, double date, etc, etc and Austin was trying to figure out plans for a Lake house weekend. No matter the event, the planning and logistics were a nightmare. We quickly realized that we had uncovered a big problem, or how we like to put it: an OPPORTUNITY.

The typical startup journey, but also very much like planning things with your friends

We know that getting together with friends isn’t easy. There are significant challenges with 1. Coordination 2. Communication, and 3. Content sharing. First, inviting friends to do something now or in the future is typically done across a myriad of disjointed platforms leading to missed and/or forgotten plans. Secondly, important information is always buried so finding the finalized plan or itinerary is time-consuming - no matter the platform(s) used. And thirdly, memorable group photos and videos are not cataloged due to platform constraints and limited access.

Roady delivers on our mission and brand promise in 3 high-value ways: 1. Saving people time and effort planning and coordinating experiences with friends through structured integrated communication

2. Centralizing your social calendar to ensure dates and details are remembered

3. Connecting friends IRL through rideshare partnerships, organized messaging, and cataloged media from real-life experiences. 

Roady is the bridge from digital to real life – we’re a cool, casual, social calendar focused on remembering every experience you have with your friends.


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